Why a new range of cleaning products

The BioSurface range is made up of next-generation products: they not only clean surfaces effectively, but also take care of the environment and your health.

The interiors of our homes have become very airtight for energy saving. We know today that the particles that make up our coatings, products and objects are harmful to our health.
We also know that traditional chemical manufacturing processes involve the use of solvents and components to handle with great care. Their impact on the environment is damaging.

The BioSurface product line was conceived with the intention of imagining an alternative, effective, environmentally and health-friendly solution.

This initiative was born out of the complementarity of the companies Innuscience, Escaban and Prosol to help their customers sustainably to maintain, restore floor coverings and reduce floor wear.
The products have responded well beyond expectations to the various tests in settings with the highest standards such as hospitals.

The advantages of BioSurface products:

  • Versatile: can be used on all types of surfaces (wood, ceramics, carpets, stones, prelars)
  • Efficient: repair wear of coatings, restore surfaces, erase traces
  • Environmentally friendly: zero emission of volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Biotechnology products: safe and natural
  • Successfully tested in industrial, hospital and school environments
  • Imagined, developed and manufactured in Québec

The range of products exists for the use of individuals (BioSurface Care) as well as professionals (BioSurface Pro)

Discover the different products, their characteristics and the different formats on www.biosurface.ca.


Biosurface products are available for sale at flooring retailers.

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