About us

For more than 30 years, Escaban is a marketing agency that represents international companies and plays an important role in their strategic alignment. We create a space where distributors, architects, designers and builders can meet a number of top line brands of the flooring industry. We go further by actively contributing to our partners culture through regular sales force and management consultant missions for eastern Canada.

Our services

Representation and Sales Force

Escaban's core business has been in facilitating sales teams in Eastern Canada for over 30 years. Our clients have entrusted us with the realization of their sales objectives and the success of our teams is indisputably our knowledge of the reality of the field and its specificities. Our strategic and competitive intelligence enables our teams to deliver an appropriate message to business partners, build lasting and strong relationships, and nurture strategic thinking for our customers over the long term. A sales force proactive and able to bring strategic elements to our customers: this is where the added value of Escaban lies.

Strategic and managerial consulting

During our various mandates for marketing and developing client portfolios in Eastern Canada, we were able to work with our manufacturing clients on major organizational and strategic projects. We helped manufacturers build their business plans in line with targeted markets: Quebec, Ontario and Maritimes.

Our team

Jean-Philippe Turcotte


Stéphanie Gosselin

Sales coordinator

Alain Bilodeau


Mélissa Thibault

Territory Manager Quebec



Key Business Partner Award (Tarkett)


Balanced choice Award (Tarkett)


Balanced choice Award (Tarkett)


Dragon Slayer Award (Tarkett)